Garr Ugalde                




The term “myth” is something that evokes the far away past.  Something legendary. Something ancient and foreign.  For me, however, I feel myth also comes from life here and in the present.  It is with us in our daily lives. Though we may not recognize it or even grasp it at the time.

Myth springs from the struggles we all encounter.  In times past the stories that arose out of those situations were passed down as lessons, warnings and even worship. But they drew from real situations as a way of explaining life in all its complex facets.

“Navigatio” in Latin means voyage.  With this site project I am exploring myth in a different light, at least for me.  In this instance I am weaving together the legend of the Troy with that of innocence and the ultimate loss of it.

The spiral is, of course, a symbol that is prevalent in all cultures of the world.  It represents the coursing of existence through time.  The equine figure can be seen as a creature of strength, beauty and lust.  And what young girl has never fantasized about a horse?  Drawn it, dreamt of it, obsessed over it.  What I want to do is to intertwine these stories and symbols. 

This site project artwork is about “discovery” and the as yet to be explored parts of life, those we will all one day experience until the end of our own voyage.